About Us

The Cartel

Chris Suckle:                 Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Ross Taberner:              Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Scott Clark:                    Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Alan Brown:                    Drums/Backing Vocals

The Band

We are a group of seasoned musical professionals who have played, and continue to play all over the world.  As 'The Cartel' we bring together our vast experience to give you the best possible selection of music to dance, and party to, on the most special night of your life. We pride ourselves on our professional but fun approach, and look forward to rockin' your dance floor...

Our Equipment

We 'The Cartel,' pride ourselves on our high standards, and in our professional performance.  We only use the very best of equipment... We have a top of the range professional speaker system to make sure the sound created at your event is warm, and crystal clear.  Every component of our music making setup, is designed to give you, and us the best possible sound.  We want to give you the best nights entertainment of your life...